The General Secretariat is happy to announce that the official texts of our Passionist Rites of the Initiation of the Novitiate, Vestition and Profession in English have been published in a ritual book format.

Subsequent to the liturgical reforms of Vatican Council II, in 1988 the Ordo Professionis Religiosæ (Rite of Religious Profession), i.e. the Editio Typica of our Rites of Initiation, Vestition and Profession was revised, translated from Latin, and approved by the Vatican. The original publication was prepared using the means available at that time, basically a manual typewriter or early versions of the computer. The document was then distributed to the English speaking provinces in the form of a booklet or loose sheets of paper.

However, since that time, until the present text, it was never printed or made available in digital format for easy reproduction in the various provinces and vice-provinces.

The scope of this publication is to remedy this situation.

This current text is substantially the same English language text that was approved in 1988. However after using these texts for over 35 years, in order to update and improve the texts, several substitutions and additions were made:

  1. In several places words that today seem anachronistic or vague were replaced.
  2. The Litany of the Saints was updated to include Passionist Saints and Blesseds that were added to our Proper Calendar since 1988.
  3. Additional Intercessory Prayers (Prayers of the Faithful) were added in the Appendix of the ritual. These include Intercessions for the Initiation in Religious Life, Vestition of Novices and the 25th and 50th Anniversary of Religious Profession according to the approved Spanish version (1998).

At the request of Fr. Joachim Rego, Superior General, a complimentary copy was sent to all the English speaking Provincial and Vice Provincials. Additional copies can be ordered from the General Secretariat at the cost of €20.00 per copy, plus the cost of shipping. Alternatively, you may download the pdf version of the book from our website in either “A4” or “Letter” size and print it locally.

We have also printed additional copies of our updated Passionist Sacramentary (Missal) in English which we originally printed in 2020. This too is available through the General Secretariat, or it may be downloaded from the website.