John Baptist Daneo (in religious life, John Baptist of St. Michael the Archangel) was not only the blood brother of the Founder, Paul of the Cross, but above all he shared his spirit and ideals. In unison with him he lived the charism of the Congregation.

Always close to him as a source of encouragement, help, and comfort amidst the great difficulties they encountered at the beginning of the foundation of the Congregation.

He shared Paul’s austere penance, continuous prayer, and preaching of the Word of the Cross. Paul wanted him to be his spiritual director and confessor for over thirty-five years and he entrusted himself to him like a child.”

John the Baptist possessed the gifts of ecstasy and tears. He loved silence and the hidden life. He preached especially to priests. Paul of the Cross said of him– “Father John Baptist is a saint, he is a saint, and I know it.”
He was declared Venerable in 1940.

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