The Superior of the Chinese Passionist community, Fr. VINCENT LAI sent several photos of the new community residence under construction in X’IAN.  It is in the area of MUJAGUO next to the parish church entrusted to the Passionists.

The construction of the House is almost finished. They are completing the décor and all the other logistical essentials of the House.

This is the church and the traditional caves in the hill where the inhabitants of that area lived.

In the new residence the small Passionist community can gather every month for community meetings and share community life.  Currently they are in an apartment in X’IAN, in the center of the city—an area that is very crowded and noisy.

This is a great moment of celebration for the Chinese Passionist community– the ordination of a new Passionist, Fr. PAUL LI CUNLIANG on August 20, 2020.  He celebrated a Mass of Thanksgiving on August 22 in the Parish church entrusted to the Passionists at MUJAGOU.

Fr. PAUL LI CUNLIANG is the fifth Chinese Passionist priest.

The new Passionist priest was ordained by Bishop JOSEPH HAN YINGIN, of the diocese of SANYUAN.

The new community residence and a new Passionist priest are signs of joy and hope for the future of our Congregation and the dissemination of our charism in the great and vast nation of China.