The MACOR Provincial Chapter was held from December 3 to 8, 2018 at the Passionist Monastery and Retreat House in Gwangju Province, South Korea.
Present at the Chapter were Fr. Joachim Rego, Superior General, Fr. Thomas McDonough (President of the PASPAC Configuration) and Fr. Martin Coffey (Executive Secretary for Formation). Attending the Chapter were 29 finally professed members of the MACOR Province of Korea and China. A new Provincial Superior and two Consultors were elected: Fr. Joseph Oh (Oh Sung Kyun) Provincial Superior; Fr. Peter Seo (Huron Sung) First Consultor; and Fr. Peter Oh (Oh Jae Seong) Second Consultor.

Foto (L-R): Fr. Peter Seo (Huron Sung), Fr. Joseph Oh (Oh Sung Kyun) and and Fr. Peter Oh (Oh Jae Seong).