Yesterday, 22 September 2020, Fr. Joachim Rego, Superior General, was hospitalized at the Umberto I Polyclinic of Rome, in order to remove his thyroid.

The surgery is categorized as precautionary.  It was scheduled to take place in 2018; however, it was delayed because of the difficulties in synchronizing the General’s Congregational commitments with the availability of the medical team.

The surgery of Fr. Joachim took place this morning, 23 September 2020, and lasted slightly more than two hours. It was successful. Fr. Joachim is alert, comfortable and his vocal cords were not affected.

Currently he is resting and will slowly recover from the surgery. It is anticipated that he will remain in the hospital for two nights and then return to the monastery.

Fr. Joachim thanks everyone for the prayerful support.

During this period of his recovery, Fr. Ciro Benedettini, First Consultor, will replace him in matters of ordinary administration.