In May of this year will occur the second centenary of the marriage of the parents of Saint Gabriel of the Sorrowful Mother (baptismal name, Francis Possenti).

His father, the Vatican civil official Santos Possenti, was born on June 18, 1791, in the city of Terni, in Umbria. His family were landowners and belonged to the upperclass of the city. Among their relatives were various members of the nobility.

His mother, Agnes, belonged to the Frisciotti family of Civitanova, a seaside city of the Marche. Her family also had a distinguished history, and would play a significant role in the Risorgimento, the movement which brought about the unification of Italy by the incorporation of diverse Italian regions into the new Kingdom of Italy.

Their marriage was celebrated in the church of San Marone, Civitanova, the Marche, on May 13, 1823.