The first Assembly of the Bolivarian zone of the SCOR Province, now known as the “Mother of Holy Hope Zone”, took place in our Retreat House in Santa Cruz (Medellín, Colombia) during 18-21 January 2016, with the participation of 35 religious. The Passionists of Ecuador, Colombia, Panama, Venezuela and the Provincial Curia decided to meet for four days of fraternity and work.  This meeting occurred during a drought due to the weather effect of “El Niño”.

Reports and studies of the current reality were presented by the Provincial, Fr. José María Saéz, and the area Consultor, Fr. Joaquín Ma.Vargas.  After the presentation of these reports and the evaluation of the Provincial Project, there was group discussion regarding the planning and work of the communities that comprise the area.  Additionally, Sisters Jailler Catherin and Erika made presentations concerning New Evangelization: media and information and communication technologies. Some key points to consider for evangelization were: Who? What is the message? What are the means of communication? For whom? With what effect? The Lasswell paradigm.

Work groups were created to try to make relationships and communication more practical and effective.  Individuals were appointed to organize specific projects of common life, formation, retreats, etc.  The elaboration of the Project of Evangelization will be developed from these meetings of our religious with the participation of others who will be involved in various projects.

The Assembly concluded with the celebration of the Eucharist and fraternal lunch in the community of the contemplative Passionist nuns, where we gave thanks to God for our Passionist family.