Young Passionist Meeting in Ponta Grossa (Brazil) for WYD 2013

This day was dedicated to dialogue between the younger religious and the General Council. The day began with a joyful morning prayer and the young religious then broke into groups to prepare their questions for discussion with Fr General and Council in the second session. In this session we touched on topics of areas of programmes to prepare for international mission, discussion of the role of the Formation Office for the Congregation, resources for further study of Passionist Spirituality, how younger Passionists can help to revitalise older parts of the Congregation, options and strategies for our work with youth, our visions for the future of the Congregation and the future of such gatherings of the General Council with younger religious.

During the day representatives of Brazil’s largest media company RPC TV came to interview Fr Joachim, Fr Augusto and a selection of young Passionists from various continents for Brazilian TV.

In the afternoon we met with the organising group who had prepared the special programme in Rio de Janeiro for the  meeting of our religious with the Passionist youth. Apart from attending the official World Youth Day events, there is a special day planned for the entire Passionist Family. This day will be hosted in our community and will involve young people associated with our Congregation and Charism from around Brazil and the world.