On Monte Argentario (GR) in the Retreat of St. Joseph, dedicated from its inception to the care of young Passionists, a workshop was held for Young Passionists of CEB (Italy, France, Portugal) from 7-11 July, 2014. A place full of historical memory, it offered the right ambience to the young religious to reflect on the challenges of the third millennium, not only with respect to the ministries that they are involved in, but also with regard to the dynamics to be achieved and improved in order to revitalize the fraternal and spiritual life of our communities.

The group – both in number and representation of the various provinces – was able to express different specificities that characterize the youth of CEB. After an analysis of the problems and challenges that young people experience in community life and ministry, they worked in subgroups – assisted by Don Massimiliano Alisina of the “Agape” Community of Ministry of Mercy, specialized to deal with the difficulties of consecrated persons – to arrive at concrete proposals to improve the lives in our houses, particularly in view of the emerging CEB Province.

The Major Superiors of the CEB Province joined the group to participate in some sessions, not only to discuss the draft plans drawn up, but to meet and listen to the experiences of young people, together with their expectations, hopes and fears.
The meeting was intended not only to project for the future, but primarily to set itself the goal of providing an opportunity to experience fellowship, in order to foster mutual understanding, through moments of prayer (lectio divina and Eucharistic celebration) but also recreational activities (games, movies, hiking). Particularly significant was the meeting with the members of the CEB at the Novitiate community of the Presentation, with whom a moment of sharing on different life experiences and reflections on the charism inherited from St. Paul of the Cross, took place. The workshop then concluded with the celebration of the Eucharist and a fraternal agape.