The VULN Vice-province VULN (Austria-Germany) gathered for its annual assembly – an opportunity for fraternity, sharing, and reflection. This year the religious gathered in the monastery of Maria Schutz, at Semmering in Austria, 22-23 October. On the morning of October 23, a holy Mass was celebrated in the beautiful Shrine in honour of the Virgin Mary, which is in the care of the Passionists.  The Vice-Provincial, Fr. Lukas Temme invited the religious of the Vice-province to remain in spirit at the foot of the Cross with the Virgin Mary.

            After meeting in the morning, all religious were led by Fr.Nikolaus to “The Lookout of 20 Shillings”, a panoramic view point above the Semmering, along the route of the old railway. The name derives from the fact that one of the old 20 shilling notes depicted the landscape that can be seen from this point on the railroad.

            The Semmering Railway was the first railway to cross the mountains in Europe, designed by Carl Von Ghega and inaugurated in 1854. The track and the locomotive of the Semmering are considered one of the milestones in the history of rail transport in Europe and the world. Since 1998 this stretch has become a UNESCO-protected heritage site.

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