February 20, 2016 marks three hundred years since the “spiritual enlightenment” that the young Paul Danei experienced while praying in the Church of San Marino in the northern Italian city of Crema (province of Cremona). After that spiritual experience, he made the historic decision to abandon the idea of joining the army that was departing for the crusade against the Turks, in order to serve the Lord in a different way.
To mark this anniversary Fr. Max Anselmi (MAPRAES) published a commemorative book that will be presented on 20 February 2016 in Crema in the parish of St. Benedict, (in whose territory was located the old Church of San Marino, which was later destroyed). At the same time, he is preaching a Eucharistic Triduum to commemorate what some call “the conversion of St. Paul of the Cross”.

Read here (in Italian): Conferenza P. MAX Anselmi