The Province of the Sacred Heart (SCOR): Forming Communities

Province of the Sacred Heart (SCOR)


Forming of Communities

In order to implement the project approved by the Provincial Chapter of Lima, the Provincial Superior and his Consultors, for the last eight months, have visited all the communities and the places of Passionist presence of the new Province. Having finished the visitation, they began the process of forming new communities. It has resulted in the following:

  • More than 120 persons have changed communities.
  • Some 40 religious have changed the provinces of origin.
  • Some 50 religious have changed the country of residence.
  • At present 140 religious are either working or studying in countries other than the country of origin.
  • 8 religious are living in communities under the jurisdiction of the Superior General.
  • 5 religious are collaborating with the Jesus Crucified Configuration in the Carribean.
  • 2 religious from the Configuration of PASPAC (Indonesia) and 1 from the Configuration of Eugene Bossilkov (Italia) collaborate with the religious in Yurimaguas (Peru).
  • In 3 locations the communities have been withdrawn (Atumpampa and Lamas in Peru and Bellevista in Bolivia) but the spiritual needs of those places are assured by the near-by communities.
  • The communities of Chosica (Peru) and Vitoria (Spain) are temporarily closed.
  • New presences or changes to the places are contemplated in Spain (Vitoria), Mexico (bordering Guatemala) and Honduras (Santa Barbara).

Last week, the National Government in Spain passed the decree supressing the Provinces of CORI, FAM and SANG and erected the new Province of the Sacred Heart. Thus, civily, the persons and goods of the old provinces are passed on to the new Province with one single fiscal number.