We just put Passiochristi.orgonline with his new look and feel and now we are in
another step of the process of the release of the
Passionists Web Site. 

In the first step we published the Site giving to the
users the possibility to reach the information regarding our
Congregation, like news, official documents, newsletters, links to
Passionist Websites, etc. Those are the features that we were used to,
even if we offered them in a new environment and with a renovated

In the present stage we
are offering the opportunity to the registered users, to enter in a
personal (and private) area that allows them to access to new services
and features like:
  • Personal Blog
  • Access to the Passionist Social
  • A personal storage where it’s possible to insert and share several files
    and documents

In the
Documents area we inserted a Tutorial explaining the features
of the personal area.

obtain the password for logging in the personal area you must register
yourself contacting the Web Administrator with the
link Contacts located at the bottom of this page specifying:

  • Name and Surname
  • Email address
  • Status (Passionist Religious, Sister, Nun, Lay , etc.)

You’ll receive an answer as soon as possible.

Enjoy our Web Site!