My dear brothers,
I wish to address you at this special time of preparation
for the approaching Christmas celebrations. I wish to offer my best wishes that you
are filled with the joy of anticipation of Him Who comes to live among us, becoming
incarnate in history and in time. 
Each of us is called to discover “the arrival” of God into our lives; to recognize
him in events, in the faces of our brothers, in life’s opportunities, and at times of
decision. Once again, the Lord comes to remind us of his great love for humanity, a
love which traverses the centuries and is part of them through the sanctifying work
of the Church, and, therefore, through our activities. 
A short time ago, the Third Ordinary Assembly of the Configuration took place
in Rome. Once again we realized how certainly great is the extension of the
Configuration, and how difficult it is to describe the richness of its cultures and its
societal milieu. Nevertheless, we also find conditions of struggle and insufficiency,
such as poverty, secularism, still more forms of excluding persons, injustice, a market
economy which discriminates. In this world, into this reality, Jesus is born; it is into
this reality that our proclamation of peace should be born, so that it becomes
solidarity with peoples, with the last and least, with the weak and defenseless. 

Before the face of these problematic conditions, which are diffuse throughout
our globalized world, the Congregation has taken up the challenge of realizing a new
manner of “being together” under the banner of solidarity. We must, therefore, “refound” our manner of relating to one another, in order to better work together. This
means a true “conversion”, which ought to be expressed in new forms of bonds, of
governing, and of provincial and inter-provincial administration, so that our
“solidarity” might be transformed into “communion” (continue)