Cronica Asamblea Zona Monseñor Romero (1)

In the “Las Milpas” Passionist Center for Formation and spirituality in Pinalejo, Honduras, thirty-three religious from the communities in Honduras, El Salvador, Guatemala, Cuba and Mexico, gathered on 2, 3 and 4 February to have an experience of fraternity in a very welcoming environment. The desire to overcome difficulties, and grow in commitment to the Congregation and ministry was the motivation for this first Assembly of the Zone. They shared about their present realities in which they are living and about the changes that were taking place in the new Sacred Heart Province.  They decided to call this Zone of the Province- “Bishop Romero”, because of his care for people, especially the poor. For years this has been the work that is typical of this part of the Congregation in its choice for Justice, peace and the integrity of creation (JPIC).

We are aware of the effort that is being made on the part of the Province and the superiors, to understand the reality of each of the zones, countries and communities. This not an easy task, and we believe that each of us must do our part to facilitate meetings, our life and our mission. This is the only way that we can open horizons in an area that cries out for answers and solutions to violence and poverty. Christ and the crucified should make us love being Passionists, disciples, witnesses and prophets. This is the only way to understand being in the midst of this land of martyrs!
The reports (Synod, Province, Zone and finances) give us a global and local understanding of our reality.  These offer us opportunities for questions and answers for clarification and keep us conscious about what needs to be shared and expressed.

We return to our local communities, recognizing that Passionists have much to offer in this area, where currently there are 35 young people in formation, ready and willing to offer hope. In the midst of the social and ecclesial challenges, in this crucified reality that is marked by violence and injustice, we charismatically commit ourselves to update our mission and presence, and continue to whole-heartedly insert ourselves into the Golgota’s of the 21st century.

We recognize our weaknesses and the shortcomings that we must face and overcome. We also aware of our strengths and opportunities that energize and encourage us. It is time to move forward, to look ahead. It is time to believe and build together.