On Thursday, 23 January, in the Peruvian Episcopal Conference, during a solemn session, a medal and a parchment certificate of recognition was presented to the Passionists honoring 100 years of missionary presence in Peru. The event was led by the President of the Episcopal Conference Espiscopal, Mgr. Salvador Piñeiro. During the ceremony various bishops and congregations also received their respective recognition.

     The solemn ceremony was attended by Frs. Javier Areitioaurtena, Eddy Vasquez, Ricardo Quintana and Bro. Abraham Machaca (as photographer). This event highlights other activities that will take place during 2014 and will culminate in May, since this year marks the centenary of the arrival of the Passionists in Peru. We hope to continue to further appreciate this beautiful celebration as an opportunity to deepen our commitment as missionaries in the Amazon. Additionally we hope to organize other events that mark a new era of evangelization in Peru.