This Letter from the Congregation for Institutes of Consecrated Life and Societies of Apostolic Life invites all the consecrated men and women to reflect on this special year of grace we have been given to live. It has to be lived as a “saving encounter that transforms our life”. It is an invitation to do away with “institutional arguments and personal justifications”. The Letter is based on the thoughts of Pope Francis, especially as found in the Apostolic Exhortation “Evangelii Gaudium”.

The Letter is divided into three parts:-

  • The first part deals with the gospel joy as “the beauty of consecration”. “Wherever the consecrated people are, there is joy”. The Letter takes us through the Sacred Scripture and invites us to see the meaning of joy which implies “total exultation embracing the past and the future together”. “Joy is the messianic gift par excellence”.
  • The second part invites the Consecrated to bring this joy to people around. “What a joy it is to bring God’s consolation to others!”. The men and women of our time are waiting for words of consolation, the availability of forgiveness and true joy. We are called to bring everyone the embrace of God”.
  • In the third part Pope Francis poses several questions for our reflection on a personal, communal and institutional level.
  • “Where is joy born?”
  • Do you have a heart that desires something great, or a heart that has been lulled to sleep by things?”
  • This is a primary responsibility of all adults, of formators: to set an example of consistency to the youngest. Do we want consistent young people? Are we consistent?

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