On September 14, 2015 at Przasnysz, Bro. Arkadiusz Gałka is vested with the Passionist habit and has started his Novitiate.

On the same day in the Holy Mass of the Passionist Church at Przasnysz, Bro. Radosław Mucha, CP received his perpetual vows; Bro. Jakub Barczentewicz, CP renewed his religious vows and; Bro. Grzegorz Mossakowski, CP professed his first  religious Passionist vows. Fr. Wiesław Wiśniewski, CP, First Consultor of the Province ASSUM and the House Superior of the community presided the Holy Mass and the religious Passionist professions.

Vestition of Bro. Arkadiusz Gałka

 Prima professioneFirst Profession of Bro. Grzegorz Mossakowski, CP

Prof. perpetuaBro. Radosław Mucha, CP received his perpetual vows.

Santa MessaThe Holy Mass in Przasnysz for the Passionist professions.