Today, as we commemorate the feast of the martyrs, Sts. John and Paul,  the Passionist Congregation celebrates its 200 years of restoration (1814) from Napoleon’s religious suppression.

Click below for the message of the Superior General and brief historical text by Fr. Fernando Pielagos:


Below is an Excerpt from the Historical Text:

“…On June 26, the feast of the Martyrs, John and Paul, Cardinal Lita presented the Pope a request to restore the Passionists. On the next day, Cardinal Pacca, pro-secretary, signed the rescript of restoration, in which he affirms:

“The exemplary life which the brothers of the Passionist Congregation always maintained before the fatal change of affairs, their praiseworthy conduct during the recent calamities, and the spiritual benefits which the faith has received from the very zealous workers in the vineyard of the Lord, are all engraved in the memory of His Holiness. The Pope, always concerned for the good of the faith and of the Church, has judged it opportune to give this Institute a sign of his pontifical benevolence. Therefore, he makes it the first Institute whose religious shall be reunited in their retreats, return to the use of the habit, and live according to the Rule of their venerable Founder, with the certainty that they will continue to contribute through their exemplary conduct and through their constant zeal for the edification and well-being of souls. Let there be sent, therefore, to the Father Provincial of the Passionists, who is acting for the Superior General, a notice of the Pontifical authorization restoring his office. To Fr. Phillip of the Immaculate Conception, Provincial of the Passionists.”