“Juventude Passionista” notes that the “AJP” (Passionist Youth
Association) was started in 1984 at Santa Maria da Feira, thanks to the
efforts of Passionist Father João Bezerra. At present its President is
Confrater Cesar Costa, C.P. The association seeks to bring together on
a national scale all youth who have been contacted by Passionists in
the course of their ministry. Their patron saint is St. Gabriel of Our
Lady of Sorrows.
The “AJP” is organized in groups and members meet once a month for
study, meditation, the discussion of various themes and moments of
prayer. They take part in cultural and social events, lovingly
proclaiming Jesus Christ. Amongst various initiatives we should point
out the Celebration of Passionist Youth. This will take
place at the Santa Maria Seminary, from February 26th to the 27th
together with the feast day of their youthful patron saint.

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St. Gabriel – Passionist Youth Encounter promotional video