The Roncalli letters collected and presented here offer an important contribution to highlight the human, spiritual and pastoral character of the future Pope John XIII. In the various topics there is a certain feeling which, in later Nobis outlet years, would be developed and defined; but even at this point, during his years of diplomatic service in Bulgaria, we can get a glimpse of the fundamental lines of his personality. These letters are written in a fresh, lively and confidential style and are often personal, almost intimate dialogues. He knows how to bring everything to the essential points of Christian life: total obedience to the will of God, constant trust in Divine Providence, filial love for the Church and the Pope, generous commitment in serving others, simplicity in lifestyle, and care of the poor. The Bulgarian letters of Bishop Angelo Giuseppe Roncalli with Fr. Karl Raev and Bishop Damian Theelen are a great example of Nobis sale ecclesiastical diplomacy.