On March 11, about 2.40pm I was getting ready in my room to go outside. I felt a little dizzy so I sat down on my chair, and realized it was earthquake. The slow shake kept on increasing, so I held on to the desk with my left hand and with my right hand pushed the bookshelf against the wall. It was a big shake. 
The ferroconcrete building started creaking ominously and I could hear things dropping and hitting the floor. I was resignedly saying “Oh Jesus, save us all, save your people!” with my arms stretched. The quake seemed to last for ever, but gradually it quieted down. Nothing was broken in my room, except a few books that flew out of the shelf. Nobody in our community was hurt and there was no damage to the building, thank God. Going outside, I saw many people coming out to the street in groups and talking excitedly. But as far as I could see, there was no visible damage in the neighborhood. 
This is the inner report of the initial experience of the great earthquake. 
The magnitude of the quake became clearer as time went on, and now we know that its magnitude was 9.0, the biggest in the history of our country in one thousand years.

The area that suffered the damage extends to three prefectures on the north-eastern coast of Japan facing the Pacific Ocean. (All in Sendai diocese). I am sure you are all aware of the vastness of destruction by constant reports on TV and other media. I do not mean to repeat what has been widely reported. I just wanted to let you know that our Tokyo Community is safe, and sharing inconveniences of reduced public transportation, electricity cut, shortage of food material in stores, etc., but these are nothing compared to people in the devastated area. 

In summary we went (and are going) through:
  1. Earthquake with magnitude 9.0. 
  2. Tsunami that demolished many fishing towns and villages in a period a few minutes, destroying buildings and houses that survived the earthquake.
    These are damages that can be repaired by concerted effort of the people. 
  3. Nuclear Power Plants – the myth of safety of the nuclear reactor is falling down in front of our eyes. 
Nobody knows yet how vast its damages will extend. Close to half a million people have evacuated to neighboring cities and provinces. The control of radiation is the gravest problem to face.
I appreciate the care and concern of many friends, and thank you wholeheartedly. May I ask you to keep praying for this final intention. 
In gratitude and prayers, Gus Kunii, CP