Two new Passionist books of spirituality were published containing material taken primarily from the writings of Father Max Anselmi, who gave permission for the work to be adapted for the formation of the laity. The Notebook “Beholding Jesus in his Passion” offers meditations on models of the Passion, while the notebook “brings the Wisdom of the word of the cross to daily life”. 
It consists of sixteen chapters, dedicated to the following topics: 
1. The world of Passionist Spirituality. 
2. The personal process of interior formation. 
3. Meditation on the Passion of the Lord. 
4. Guiding people to happiness. 
5. Making life a Passover experience to receive God’s blessings every day. 
6. Perspectives on service to the Messianic Passion. 
The pastoral instruments are available at the Secretariat of the Passionist Lay Movement of the CORM Province. 
(Tel. 031.490714).