New Acolytes and Lectors for the Configuration of CEB


Rome, Wednesday, March 19, 2014
On the occasion of the solemnity of St. Joseph, the community of Sts. John and Paul’s gathered together for the celebration during which Confs. Francesco Pagliaroli (PRAES), Michele Messi (PIET) and Antonio Parrino (LAT) were conferred the ministry of Lector and Confs. Daniele Chezzi (DOL), Salvatore Viola (LAT) and Federico Di Saverio (PIET) were conferred the ministry of Acolyte. The Eucharist was presided over by V. Rev. Fr. Leone Masnata, the Provincial of CFIXI and the President of CEB.


In his homily Fr. Leone expressed his joy in conferring the ministries on the feast of St. Joseph, “chosen by God”. He reminded us about the virtue of silence in St. Joseph, which was a sign of his capacity to listen as also his readiness to change his own personal plans in order to accomplish God’s Will. “We all must allow God to enter and change our lives as well. Instead, we remain fixed in our own good not thinking that God could ask of us something more. To these young men God is asking for something more, something new today”.

He then reminded the students of the significance of these ministries. The ministry of Lector as a special bond to the Word of God in the liturgy and the ministry of Acolyte as the bond between the liturgy and the life of charity. He warned the students as well as all those present about the danger of considering these ministries as only “stages” of life which, once you pass, tends to be forgotten. The gift of God and the responsibility that flows out of it must remain ever alive. The service that is assumed today must become a permanent task for the whole of one’s life. Fr. Leone then posed this question : “What is there in becoming priests if they do not know how to place themselves at the service of God’s people in joy”? He rounded up his reflection by wishing everyone that the joy and enthusiasm of the day will remain in the accomplishment of their ministries all the way till the end.

After the liturgy the community gathered in the Sala dei Papi for a fraternal sharing and celebration.