Together with the USG (Union of Superiors General) and the UISG (International Union of Superiors General [of women religious]), we Passionists are invited to join all religious congregations around the world to celebrate a day of solidarity and prayer next Sunday, March 22, especially in communion with all those who have been affected, in any way, by the coronavirus disease.

We, women and men religious, feel called to respond to the global coronavirus crisis in solidarity with others, especially the most vulnerable and those most at risk, following, in the first place, the guidelines of the World Health Organization and those from our respective governments.

Our response is also expressed through prayer and witness to our responsibility to care for one another, through concrete and conscious solidarity.

A very special word of thanks to those who are on the front line caring for the sick and those who are dedicated to research projects to find remedies, and to those who work in public services.

On March 22, we Passionists, together with all men and women religious, express our solidarity and communion with all the people of the world, our brothers and sisters, especially through prayer.