Apostolic Letter of Pope Francis to all Consecrated People

Año de la Vida Consagrada - Comunicación de la Secretaría General

As part of the series of documents for the Year of Consecrated Life, we present the “Apostolic Letter of His Holiness Pope Francis to all Consecrated People” which was presented on November 21, 2014.

The Apostolic Letter is subdivided into three sections: “(I.) Aims of the Year of Consecrated Life, (II.) Expectations for the Year of Consecrated Life and (III.) The Horizons of the Year of Consecrated Life.”

The first section provides three aims for the year of consecrated life, that is- ‘to look to the past with gratitude, ’to live the present with passion’ and ‘to embrace the future with hope.’

The second section exhorts expectations particularly, joy, happiness, prophetic evangelization and community life or the spirituality of communion. Furthermore, the pope challenges consecrated people “to come out of themselves and to go forth to the existential peripheries.” Then, Pope Francis raises a question in ‘what it is that God and the people today are asking of them (consecrated people).’

On the third section, Pope Francis invites the laity to be present with the consecrated people for mutual enrichment and support. He then asks the whole Christian people to be increasingly aware of the gift of presence of many consecrated saints. Additionally, he encourages meetings of various Churches as a means of understanding, cooperation, ecumenism and unity. The Pope trusts that in this Year of Consecrated life, it will become an opportunity to review progress, to dialogue and to consider further steps to all consecrated people. Lastly, he addresses his brother bishops to show special concern for promoting within their communities the different charisms of Consecrated Life.

Indeed, the apostolic letter poses a challenge to enrich our religious life today. Therefore, we ask all members of the congregation to use the link below of the apostolic letter for reflection and sharing on our Passionist way of life.

Apostolic Letter of His Holiness Pope Francis to all Consecrated People