“Keep Watch” – Escrutad – Scrutate

A Letter for the Year of Consecrated Life

This Letter from the Congregation for Institutes of Consecrated Life and Societies of Apostolic Life is intended to encourage all the consecrated men and women to continue on the journey of grace, especially the journey of renewal began with the Second Vatican Council.

“We are presented with the possibility of continuing our journey with courage and watchfulness so as to make daring choices that will honour the prophetic character of our identity…”

After the short introduction, the document calls upon all the Religious to take up the journey “with open ears”, taking the Gospel as “the Supreme Rule” of life. The document uses “the grand epic of the Exodus of the chosen people from slavery in Egypt to the Promised Land” as an evocative icon. The journey demands a constant watchfulness to recognize the presence and guidance of God. “The Lord is living and working in our history, and is calling us to collaboration and to collective discernment, so as to inaugurate new seasons of prophecy in the service of the Church, looking forward to the coming Kingdom”.

In this journey we are called to carry “in our hearts the expectations of the world”. And, this journey is to be made together by all the consecrated. However, those in authority have a special role to play. “We need leadership that welcomes and encourages with emphatic tenderness the gaze of the brothers and sisters, even of those who force the pace or who impede progress, helping them to overcome haste, fear and attitudes of resistance”.

The goal of this exodus is a “mysticism of encounter”. It is an encounter with God, “new frontiers, new realities, other cultures, different necessities, peripheries”.

“Can consecrated life become a welcoming dialogue partner in the serach for God which has always stirred the human heart”? Will it be able to foster the ardour of thought needed to recognize anew the value of otherness and the ethical question of how differences may peacefully coexist”?

“Let us arm ourselves with the weapons of light, freedom, and the courage of the Gospel, and search the horizon, looking for the signs of God there and obeying him, making bold evangelical choices in the manner of the humble and the small”.

Finally, the document leaves us with some of the “Paradoxes of Pope Francis”.

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