Jubilee Year

On the occasion of the death of Blessed Bernard M. Silvestrelli, Pope Benedict XVI, through the Apostolic Pententiary, has granted the celebration of a Jubilee Year beginning 9 December 2011 until 9 December 2012. 
On the opening and closing dates and on the occasion of the popular feast (1 July) a plenary indulgence can be acquired by following the usual prescriptions (Confession, Communion, and prayer for the intention of the Pope). On the opening day of the Jubilee Year, at the conclusion of the celebration, Cardinal G.B. Re will impart the papal blessing through a special concession of the Supreme Pontiff. 
The Jubilee Indulgence during this Centenary year may be obtained by all pilgrims on every day of the year who visit the Shrine of Blessed Bernard in Moricone (Italy). It is also applicable to the souls in Purgatory. 
The same indulgence may be obtained by the elderly and the sick that cannot access the Shrine by praying before an image of the Blessed, and by fulfilling the required conditions in a timely fashion for obtaining a plenary indulgence.