Fr. Luciano Barreda Caballero

slept in the Peace of the Lord in Venezuela

at 95 years of age,

in the infirmary of the community of Santa Eduvigis in Caracas.

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This data can give a reflection of the work he accomplished during the years of life that the Lord gave him:

  • He was born on 8 January 1920 in San Martín de los Horreros (Palencia)
  • His parents were: Gregorio and Isabel.



Bachelor´s Degree: Zaragoza: Years 1930-1935.

Novitiate in Corella: September 28, 1935 September 29, 1936

Profession in Corella: September 29, 1936.

Philosophy in Corella: 1936-1938

Theology in Zaragoza: 1939-1943

Ordained a priest in Huesca: 31 January 1943


Communities where he ministered: Daimiel, Zaragoza, Caracas, Barquisimeto ..


Offices held: Military service during the war (1936-1939) Superior, parish priest, Professor of Philosophy, Director of Students.


In our prayers we ask God
eternal rest for the soul of our beloved
Fr. Luciano Caballero Barreda

Zaragoza, 9 de Diciembre de 2015