+Fr. Luciano Barreda Caballero

(1920-2015) SCOR Province

Fr. Luciano Barreda Caballero

slept in the Peace of the Lord in Venezuela

at 95 years of age,

in the infirmary of the community of Santa Eduvigis in Caracas.


This data can give a reflection of the work he accomplished during the years of life that the Lord gave him:

  • He was born on 8 January 1920 in San Martín de los Horreros (Palencia)
  • His parents were: Gregorio and Isabel.



Bachelor´s Degree: Zaragoza: Years 1930-1935.

Novitiate in Corella: September 28, 1935 September 29, 1936

Profession in Corella: September 29, 1936.

Philosophy in Corella: 1936-1938

Theology in Zaragoza: 1939-1943

Ordained a priest in Huesca: 31 January 1943


Communities where he ministered: Daimiel, Zaragoza, Caracas, Barquisimeto ..


Offices held: Military service during the war (1936-1939) Superior, parish priest, Professor of Philosophy, Director of Students.


In our prayers we ask God
eternal rest for the soul of our beloved
Fr. Luciano Caballero Barreda

Zaragoza, 9 de Diciembre de 2015



N. 6 Misericordiae Vultus