Dear Fr Aidan, Fr Guy and all my brothers in France,

I woke up this morning here in Rome to the horrible news of the terrorist attacks in the different parts of Paris overnight. We are all shocked to hear of this barbaric act and senseless killing of so many people and leaving countless others injured and traumatised.

Paris is not very far from Rome and so we feel very close to you all in this time of anxiety and uncertainty. In particular, I remember with so much joy and contentment my visit there at Easter time this past year – including to other parts of France, of course.

No doubt these attacks last night has affected you all in different ways and I know that you will all have great concerns for family, and especially the people you work with and serve through your ministries there. Hopefully no one you know has been killed or injured, but we know that everyone is affected by these acts of terrorism.

I write these few lines to let you know that, you, and the people of France, are very much in my thoughts and prayers at this moment. You will all be remembered in our prayer and Masses in the community at the Generalate. In particular, our French Passionists are of the one Province of MAPRAES and can hope for a deeper sense of solidarity and fraternal support in this time of insecurity and concern.

I encourage you to place your security in God at this time of need and offer to your people consolation and hope which we know is found in the Passion of Jesus.

“May the Passion of Jesus be always in our hearts.”


Joachim Rego, cp
Superior General