On 8 July 2020, the Vatican Press Office announced that the Holy Father, Pope Francis had appointed Fr. Jesús María Aristín, to be the Apostolic Vicar of the Apostolic Vicariate of Yurimaguas, Peru. Since 2016 he was the Apostolic Administrator of the same Vicariate.

Following is the official notice.

The Holy Father has appointed as vicar apostolic of the apostolic vicariate of Yurimaguas, Peru, the Reverend Fr. Jesús María Aristín Seco, C.P., currently apostolic administrator of the same vicariate.

Reverend Fr. Jesús María Aristín Seco, C.P.

The Reverend Fr. Jesús María Aristín Seco C.P., was born on 25 December 1954 in Santa Cecilia del Alcor, Palencia, Spain. After his primary and secondary studies in the minor seminary of the Passionists of Euba, Vizcaya, he studied theology at the University of Deusto in Bilbao. He holds a licentiate in theology from the Gregorian University in Rome and a licentiate in clinical psychology from the Universidad Nacional de Educación (UNED) in Madrid.

He gave his religious vows on 14 April 1979 in the Congregation of the Passion of Jesus Christ (C.P.). He was ordained a priest on September 23, 1979.

After priestly ordination he was first parish vicar in the parish of the Passion, Bilbao (1981), after which he carried out his studies in Rome for a licentiate in theology (1980-1983). He went on to  serve as a missionary in Tarapoto, in the prelature of Moyobamba, Peru (1984); parish vicar of the parish of El Triunfo de la Santísima Cruz in Tarapoto (1985), parish priest since 5 June 1988; parish priest of the parish of San José de Sisa and episcopal vicar for the provinces of San Martín and Lamas (1989); new post in Spain (1992); provincial consultor for two terms, secretary of the Missions and provincial procurator for the missions in Spain (2001-2006); secretary general of the Missions at the Office of Solidarity and Passionist Missions in the General Curia in Rome (2006-2016); and since 2016, apostolic administrator sede vacante et ad nutum Sanctae Sedis of the apostolic vicariate of Yurimaguas.