During 29 November to 2 December 2011, in the Hall of Congresses of the offices of the Congregation for Saints in Rome, nine theologians, directed by the General Promotor of the Faith, expressed their positive judgment on the heroic virtues of the Passionists, Fr. Generoso Fontanarosa and Mother Maddalena Marcucci.
The next steps for these causes will be taken by the Congregation for Bishops and Cardinals. 
In the case of the positive judgment concerning the virtues of Fr. Generoso and Mother Maddalena, the Cardinal Prefect will refer the matter to the Holy Father who will order that a Decree be prepared in which the title “Venerable” be conferred on these Servants of God.
The informational material on the Passionists Fr. Generoso Fontanarosa and Mother Maddalena Marcucci was provided by the General Postulator.