During this week, May 16-26, the first chapter of the Province (or Configuration) of Eugene Bossilkov is being held in the Passionist General House in the Retreat of Sts. John and Paul, Rome. The first Chapter will be the unification of the six provinces in Italy, and one in France and Portugal respectively. These Passionist provinces are:

  1. (PRAES)  Province of Our Lady of Presentation (North Lazio, Tuscany and Sardinia, Italy)
  2. (PIET) Province of Our Lady of ”Pietà”(Eastern Italy – Adriatic Sea)
  3. (CORM) Province of the Immaculate Heart of Mary (Northern Italy)
  4. (LAT) Province of the Sacred Side of Jesus (Puglia and Calabria, Italy)
  5. (DOL) Province of Our Lady of Sorrows (South Lazio and Campania, Italy)
  6. (CFIXI) Province of the Holy Crucifix (Sicily, Italy)
  7. (MICH) Province of St. Michael (France)
  8. (FAT) Province of Our Lady of Fatima (Portugal)

And on May 23 (the eigth day of chapter) they elected Fr. Luigi Vaninetti, C.P. (from CORM) as the new Provincial Superior of the united Province of the three countries. In the afternoon of the same day, Frs. Laureano Alves Pereira (from FAT), Daniele Pierangioli (from PIET), Mario Madonna (from LAT) and Aniello Migliaccio (from DOL) were similarly elected as new Provincial Consultors. Fr. Laureano will act also as first Consultor.

For more information click here for the official website of the newly erected province.

CEB Council 2015-1

From Left to Right: Fr. Daniele Pierangoli (Consultor), Fr. Laureano Alves Pereira (1st Consultor), Fr. Luigi Vaninetti (Provincial Superior), Fr. Mario Madonna (Consultor), Fr. Aniello Migliaccio (Consultor).