The Congress of the new GEMM Vice Province was held at Veyula, Tanzania from 20 to 23 February 2017.  Fr. Michael Ogweno opened the Congress by reading of the decree of the Elevation of the General Vicariate to the status of Vice-Province.  During the Congress, the following religious were elected members of the Vice-provincial Curia:  Fr. Gregory Raphael Olomi (Vice-Provincial), Fr. Riccardo Caffi (MAPRAES- First Consultor and Consultor for Finances), Fr. Engelbert Kilasara (Consultor for Formation), Fr. Godfried Matumaini (Consultor for the Apostolate) and Fr. Marcel Tarimo (Consultor for Community Life and Spirituality).



(L-R) Fr. Marcel Tarimo, Fr. Engelbert Kilasara, Fr. Gregory Olomi (Vice-Provincial), Fr. Michael Ogweno (General Consultor), Fr. Riccardo Caffi and Fr. Godfried Matumaini.