On 13 September 2013 the novitiate began at the Passionist community of  Sadowie (S-D):

Piotr Kierzkowski,

Romuald Tuczkowski.

On 14 September 2013

confr. Radoslaw Mucha CP

(in foto on right) renewed temporary vows to the Provincial Consultor Fr. Krzysztof Zygmunt, in the chapel of the Passionist community in Sadowie.

On the same day, during the celebration of the Mass at which the Provincial Consultor, Fr. Krzysztof Zygmunt presided, in the Passionist community of Sadowie (left in foto), the following religious professed Final Vows:

Grzegorz Szczygiel CP

Jakub Gis CP

Also during the Mass, Jakub Barczentewicz (on the left in foto) made first profession of Vows.

Grzegorz Szczygiel, Jakub Barczentewicz e Jakub Gis Radoslaw Mucha