CEB Assembly – 2014


The meeting of the CEB Assembly – all the 8 Provincial Councils of CEB, met on 30 September-3 October 2014 in the community of Sts. John and Paul.

After the greeting of Fr. Joachim Rego, the Superior General, work began under the guidance of Father Antonio Munduate, the General Consultor, who served as moderator.

During this meeting we reflected on the report of Fr. Leone Masnata, the CEB President, who presented an overview of the situation of consecrated life in general and our Passionist community, inviting us to remember the past in order to preserve and live the enduring elements of the Charism, avoiding fragmentation and the present day loneliness and hope for nourishing the preparation and anticipation of the future. The Commissions for the various sectors of the government – Formation, Community Life, Apostolate and Economics – presented what has been accomplished so far, leaving us with a glimpse of things that will be proposed for the future of the CEB. But the most significant work – with the help of P. Leonello Leidi (CORM), Passionist expert in canon law – focused around the rules for the convoking and holding of the First Chapter of CEB, as well as those that form the legislation of the same; in fact, the legislation regarding participation in the Chapter of the Configuration has been discussed and approved and also worked on the text of the Regulations which will be presented at the Chapter for its approval.