On Sunday, 12 July, 2015 in the Stadium of Tortoreto Lido the Passionist community on one side, and the administrators and municipal employees of Tortoreto and Alba Adriatica on the other, removed their sandals and put on their studded boots to play the seventh edition of the “Match of the Heart”, to raise funds for the mission of Zenneti in Tanzania, where Fr. Roberto Dal Corso dreams of building a hospital to provide health care to those who continue to die of malaria and gastroenteritis because of the delay in medical care.

The match, very balanced and entertaining, ended with a positive result for the Administrators who beat the Passionists 2-0.

This year as well the generosity of the people helped us to collect a substantial sum (4,687.00 euro) that will help fund the work of Fr. Roberto.

Thank you one and all !!

Football Match July 2015-2

Football Match July 2015-3

Football Match July 2015-6

Football Match July 2015-7

Football Match July 2015-4

Football Match July 2015-5

Football Match July 2015-1