Thanks Giving Mass on the occasion of 25th Anniversary of Ordination to the Priesthood of Fr. Pius Barces CP, Fr. Pius Kanisius, CP, Fr. Sabinus Lohin, CP and 25th Anniversary Brother Marsianus Suparmo, CP Consecrated life Profession was celebrated on Friday October 31st, 2014, at the Parish Church of St. Petrus and Paulus, Sekadau, Kalimantan . The liturgy was presided over by Fr. Sabinus Lohin, CP accompanied by Fr. Pius Braces, CP and Fr. Nikodemus Jimbun, CP. And present as concelebrants were Father Joachim Rego, CP, Superior general of passionists and Fr. Michael Ogweno, CP, general consultor of passionists. In addition of several passionist priests of REPAC Province and some diocesan priests. Approximately a thousand people attended the celebration. The mass was followed by a reception in the traditional house of Kalimantan called Rumah Betang. Congratulations to our confraters and may St. Paul of the Cross, our father and founder, intercede with the Lord for His fidelity and perseverance!

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