18th Feast of the Pilgrim at St. Gabriel Shrine, in Teramo, Italy

On Saturday 9th of July, 2011 thousands of people will gather at the Shrine of St. Gabriel for the Feast of the Pilgrim organized by Fr. Domenico Lanci, for celebrating, as every year, the arrival of St. Gabriel in Isola del Gran Sasso on 10th July 1859.

The participants, coming mostly from Abruzzo and Molise but also from Marche, Lazio, Emilia Romagna and Calabria, will gather together in Isola del Gan Sasso, Teramo, Italy, to attend to the following program:

– at 7.30am after the welcome address of the Mayor the pilgrims will make a procession to the Shrine of St. Gabriel where they will celebrate the welcome rite.

– at 11.00am the solemn mass will be celebrated and it will be lead by bishop Gianfranco De Luca, bishop of Termoli-Larino.

– In the afternoon after a recreational and folk moment the pilgrims will offer their tribute to the Saint, with songs, prayers and witnesses of the people who received a miracle by his intersession.