The Congregation of the Passion of Jesus

The Congregation of the Passion of Jesus Christ is an international religious institute of pontifical right founded in 1720.

Its members, commonly called “Passionists”, (priests, brothers, nuns, sisters and lay people) vowed to promote and proclaim the love of God for the world revealed through the Passion of Jesus Christ for almost 3 centuries, continuing to bring also today a message of compassion and hope in 61 countries around the world.

The Charisma:
The Memoria Passionis

We seek the unity of our life and our apostolate in the Passion of Jesus. It reveals the power of God that pervades the world, to destroy the power of evil and build the Kingdom of God.

Called to share the life and mission of the One who “stripped himself, assuming the condition of servant”, we contemplate Christ with assiduous prayer.

In giving his life for us, Jesus reveals the love that God brings to people and the way they must come to the Father. This contemplation makes us ever more capable of manifesting His love and helping others to make their life an offering in Christ to the Father.

Our participation in the Passion of Christ, which is both personal, communitarian and apostolic, is expressed with a special vow. Thru this vow we commit ourselves to promote the memory of the Passion of Christ thru word and deeds, to deepen the awareness of its meaning and its value for every person and for the life of the world.

With this obligation our Congregation takes its place in the Church and consecrates itself to fulfill its mission. We live the evangelical counsels in light of this vow and try to make it concrete in everyday life. In this way our communities become a leaven of salvation in the Church and in the world and we remember the Passion of Christ today.

The Founder:
St. Paul of the Cross

St. Paul of the Cross gathered companions to live together to proclaim the Gospel of Christ to people.

Initially he called them “the poor of Jesus” to indicate that their life had to be based on poverty, much needed to observe the other evangelical counsels, to persevere in prayer and to assiduously proclaim the word of the Cross.

He arranged for them to lead a life “in accordance with that of the apostles” and to cultivate a profound spirit of prayer, penance and solitude to achieve a more intimate union with God and be witnesses of His love.

Acutely discerning the evils of his time, he insistently proclaimed that the Passion of Jesus “the greatest and most wonderful work of divine love” is its most effective remedy.

The Church, having recognized the action of the Holy Spirit in Saint Paul of the Cross, approved with supreme authority our Congregation and its Rules, for the mission of proclaiming the Gospel of the Passion with ones life and the apostolate. This mission retains all its strength and validity for all times. In order to carry it out, we are gathered in apostolic communities and we work to make the Kingdom of God come.

Trusting in God’s help, we want to remain faithful, despite human limits, to the evangelical spirit and legacy of our Founder.

The apostolate:
the announcement of the passion

Aware that the Passion of Christ continues in this world until he returns to glory, we share the joys and anxieties of humanity on the way to the Father.

We study to take part in the sufferings of people, especially the poor and abandoned, and to comfort them by relieving them of their sufferings.

With the power of the Cross, the wisdom of God, we ardently tend to illuminate and remove the causes of the evils that afflict people. For this reason our mission is directed to evangelization through the ministry of the word of the Cross so that everyone can know Christ and the strength of His resurrection.

By participating in the sufferings of Christ, every person can become like him in death to achieve his own glory. We all dedicate ourselves to this apostolate, each according to his / her talents and duties.

We respond to the pressing demands placed on each one by the personal call of the Father to follow Christ Crucified, with the continuous commitment to make the Gospel of Christ the supreme rule and the criterion of our life; with the constant desire to live and work in fraternal communities, observing these Constitutions in the spirit of Saint Paul of the Cross, with the firm intention of making the spirit of prayer grow in us and teaching others to pray; and finally, with the attentive attention to the needs of our brothers and sisters and with the zeal to lead them, through the message of the Cross, to the fullness of the Christian vocation.